Remote Exercise Platform


Remote Exercise Platform

Exercise prescription for practitioners, guided exercise for patients.
A seamless rehab experience.

Oh, and it's completely free. No catch, just free.

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TeleHab Exercise Prescription Platform
Client preparing to record at home exercise program
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TeleHab Exercise Prescription Platform
Client performing a quadriceps stretch
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TeleHab Exercise Prescription Platform
Client recording themselves performing push-ups
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TeleHab Exercise Prescription Platform
Client performing calf raises
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A seamless
rehab experience

Dedication to injury rehabilitation often starts with positive expectations and intentions, but we all know that compliance rates are low once your patient steps outside the clinic. With TeleHab, you can have complete visibility of your patients in the clinic and at home for a better rehabilitation experience.

How TeleHab works

Built by practitioners
frustrated by other exercise
prescription platforms.

TeleHab allows you to quickly search, build, save, assign and monitor your clients’ exercise programs, removing some of the biggest hassles of traditional exercise prescription platforms.

  • Library of 4,000+ exercises (and counting)

    Something missing? Let us know and we’ll film it and add it for you.

  • Simple drag-and-drop program builder

    No more slow, clunky exercise libraries to struggle with.

  • Powerful, flexible program scheduling

    Decide whether you want your client to complete their program on certain days, at certain times of day, or whenever they can.

Guide your clients, step-up by step-up.

Guide your clients, step-up by step-up.

Fast, intuitive and easy to use, the TeleHab app walks your clients through their exercises, giving them refreshers and allowing them to upload videos for your review.

  • Assign programs instantly

    Assign an exercise program to your client and it appears in their TeleHab app immediately.

  • Easy-to-use interface

    The TeleHab app is designed for a broad range of clients, allowing them to quickly and easily pick it up and start exercising.

  • Video recording and uploading

    Choose whether your clients should record their sessions. If they do, you’ll see videos of each of their exercises uploaded and waiting for you after their session is complete.

All the tools you need.
None of the frustrations.

Built with practitioners in mind, TeleHab focusses on alleviating the frustrations of traditional exercise prescription platforms.

From its best-in-class interface, to the ability to have your clients seamlessly record and upload videos of their exercises for extra visibility, TeleHab brings down the barriers to adopting exercise prescription technology in your practice.

  • Extensive exercise library

    4,000+ exercises and counting

    Powerful search tools and filters

    Incredibly easy-to-use drag-and-drop program builder

    PDF program printouts for clients without smart phones

  • TeleHab patient app

    Easy-to-use, step-by-step functionality

    Optional or mandatory video recording for improved compliance

    Exercise video previews in-app

    Engaging, easy-to-read progress reports

  • Easy and powerful reporting

    View and prioritise your patients by pain, exercise completion and more

    Track progress and improvements over time

    Review uploaded videos of clients’ exercises for unparalleled visibility


Quick to build. Easy to monitor.

An engaged client is a more successful client.

For the best possible outcome, it’s important to know what your patient is doing (or not doing) between visits in order to keep them accountable. However, finding the time in your already packed schedule to check in on clients can be a challenge, to say the least. With TeleHab, patients seamlessly record videos of their sessions and self-reportimportant details – such as how many reps they completed and how much pain they felt – so you can check in on their progress between visits, progress or regress their programs and offer additional support if they need it.

Helping you, to help them.

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